Hounds At Home

Many dogs across the country end up in shelters because their owners don’t realise the responsibility of owning a dog. Families don’t know how much time, money and effort they need to spend on a dog, especially puppies. Families also don’t want to get older dogs because they want to start with a ‘new’ dog. This is why dogs, especially older ones, go into a shelter and never come back out. 

Create a starter pack that educates dog owners on how to look after a dog. It must inform them on the amount of effort they need to put into looking after a dog so they don’t end up in a shelter. You must encourage dog owners to adopt rather than buy from breeders, so older dogs also have a chance of going to a new home. You must also educate dog owners on how to look after puppies, as they can also be found in shelters. 

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